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Wanting to create a easy to jump in and understand custom setup that is still very loyal to traditional EQ and lets you level through 70 while re-living some of the exciting items and zones that you likely spent a ton of time in. Fun drops that should lead to high levels of HP, damage, etc. It's not meant to be difficult but also not supposed to be a cakewalk! You can solo your way to 70 and get well equipped but you will likely want to duo or find help to progress through some of the tiers.

At 70 and beyond, you should experience memorable zones but with a bit more difficulty and challenge. Should be a great time and some good content and we continue to add more and more quests and progression every day as well as tune existing content to keep things fresh.

ProFusion - An Everquest Story
- Level 70 max
- No maximum on boxes or players per IP although a box army shouldn't be required.
- Nexus hub zone with porter, buff bot, custom vendor, skills bot, spells bot, etc.
- Increased experience overall and some recommended zones have significant increases
- AA usage level decreased overall start buying aa at level 15
- AA bonus items randomly throughout world and Prestige quest with AA reward for replayability
- Epic 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 through natural progression on the way to 70
- Progression Zones to T8, level up to 70, and more in incoming
- Legacy quests to get sought after items through history
- Custom clickies and augments for QoL and fun damage
- MQ2 is fine, I'd prefer no warping but assuming you play nice it doesn't break content
- New weapon that can be quested for all weapon types have been added
- 4th will have rare mount drops with enhanced buffs double exp from the already double exp with double aa also on top or double credit event for the Holiday.