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ProFusion - An Everquest Story[edit]

Welcome to the Wiki for the ProFusion Everquest Emulated Server! The intent of this wiki is to help aggregate helpful information and instructions to onboard new players. This content is community supported and created, feel free to update something if missing!


Donation zone[edit]

Macroquest zone[edit]

Class overview[edit]

Click on a class you are interested in trying out and get a quick preview of what to expect and how to maximize their potential on ProFusion!

Class Recommended Role DPS Recommend Can this class Solo?
Bard None Low No No
Beastlord DPS Good Yes Yes
Berserker DPS Low No No
Cleric Healer None Yes No
Druid None Low No No
Enchanter None Low No No
Magician DPS Moderate Yes Yes
Monk DPS High Yes Yes
Necromancer DPS Moderate No No
Paladin Tank Low No No
Ranger DPS Low No No
Rogue DPS Moderate No No
Shadow Knight Tank Moderate Yes Yes
Warrior Tank Good Yes Yes
Wizard DPS High Yes Yes
Shaman None Low No No

Augments guides[edit]

Common Zones[edit]

Progression Zones[edit]

Zone Name Short Name Link Level
T1 - Temple of Veeshan Group: templeveeshangroup
Public: templeveeshan
Tier 1 - Temple of Veeshan 70
T2 - Riftseekers Sanctum Group: t2rssgroup
Public: riftseekers
Tier 2 - Riftseekers 70
T3 - Hidden Najena Group: hnjgroup
Public: hiddennajena
Tier 3 - Najena 70
T4 - The Hole Group: t4hgrp
Public: hole
Tier 4 - The Hole 70
T5 - Muramite Proving Grounds Group: t5mpggroup
Public: provinggrounds
Tier 5 - Proving Grounds 70
T6 - Kael Group: t6klegroup
Public: kael
Tier 6 - Kael 70
T7 - Anguish Group: t7angshgroup
Public: anguish
Tier 7 - Anguish 70
T8 - Sleeper's Tomb Group: t8slprgroup
Public: anguish
Tier 8 - Sleeper 70
T9 - Valley of King Xorbb Group: t9xorbbgroup
Public: xorbb
Tier 9 - Xorbb 71

Getting started with the Wiki[edit]

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.