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Tier 7 - Anguish

Tier 7 - Anguish

Quick Overview

You will need to collect marks from 6 of the bosses in Anguish and combine them in the Assembly Kit combining these will create Mark of Completion:Anguish and turn in to Borat to recieve your Earring of the Overlord Rk.1

1- Keldovan The Harrier- Probably one of the hardest fights coming into the new Tier. Upon pulling him the boss will spawn 4 adds, they hit moderately but will continue to respawn if you kill one, each of these kills on the adds will provide 1 anguish kill point. Keep this in mind for farming later. Tank should focus on keeping adds off merc/Cleric and holding aggro on boss, the boss will periodically cast a area debuff reducing healing by 80% for 2 minutes, this can be dispelled with Purification Stone purchased from Costco the newbie vendor in POK or Nexus. Otherwise this is a straight forward fight.

Loot the Mark Of Keldovan

2- Jelvan- Hail him and go through the prompt in order to spawn 3 mini bosses (Suggest clearing whole room if you have not done so already), Mini's hit around 10k+ ish each so make sure to keep them off cleric/merc as they will charge to them right off the bat. Once all 3 minis are down a chest will spawn on the 2nd level where Jelvan was located, destroy the chest and loot it to receive Mark of Jelvan

3- Ture- Tank and spank mechanic (Clear whole room first) Melee toons should be wary of the wild rampage he will occasionally throw out otherwise simple fight.

Loot Mark of Ture

4- Warden Hanvar- Tank and spank but comes with a few melee adds that do not hit very hard, Focus on boss only unless you're taking a ridiculous amount of dmg.

Loot Mark of Hanvar

5- Arch Magus Vangl- 100% tank and spank nothing special with him low HP and does not hit very hard kill and loot Mark of Vangl

6- Overlord Mata'Muram- Tank and spank with Wild Rampage, nothing special about this fight, He does hit a bit harder than the other bosses though.

Loot Mark of Mata'Muram

Now combine all in assembly kit to create your Overlords Earring